We bundle together a wide range of professional machining methods for our customers – from turning, grinding and milling to gearing - all under one roof.  We guarantee flawless product quality from beginning to end – thereby saving you valuable time.

Optimizing Gear Designs for Producibility! For many years now, we have been manufacturing every conceivable combination of gear type and material. We continually develop our expertise by helping customers optimize their gear designs and processes. We pour our 100+ years of know-how into every project and part that we deliver.

We deliver complete assemblies! 

In addition to producing individual gears and related components, we also deliver complete assemblies, as well as (sub)assemblies from supplied parts. Our services span the full spectrum of joining technologies. 

We work with virtually every machinable material. Depending on your application, we can recommend the most suitable material, based on our extensive experience in gearing and long-standing knowledge of material properties.

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