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DIETL's Management Board: Heidrun Dietl and Sabine Stadler together with former Senior Manager Helmut Dietl.

What would an enterprise be without its team? We are very proud of our staff for its excellent performance through the years. The continuous and systematic implementation of our quality concept to the furthest corners of our company has resulted in steady performance improvement for our clients and a greater sense of community and joy for our team members. 

Benefit from our experience and integrate us into your planning from the start to support proper decision making from the earliest stage.


We will be happy to hear from you. 

Since 1909, we have proven ourselves as the leading source for reliable, high-precision mechanical parts. Our close partnership with clients helped establish our long-term relationships but it is our constant obsession with delivering the highest product quality and reliability that sustains our success. 

It has been our long-standing tradition to provide the complete spectrum of precision machining services—gearing, turning, grinding, honing, milling, surface treatment, etc. Even today, we continue to bundle everything under one roof, delivering the highest product quality and delivery reliability to our customers.

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